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How to add IPTV on Enigma2 device with epg ?


On your PC, download and install a free software called PuttY


Install the Software now open it and it should look something like the below.



Type in that IP address in the first red box (Host Name)

Make sure you choose Telnet

Select Open

A black box asking you for login name shall pop up and you need to type in root and hit enter

Should this ask you for a password try dreambox if it does not work you need to contact the person who set up your Enigma2/Dreambox/Vu+ for the password as he is the person who created it.

Copy This url.

wget -O /var/tmp/ && chmod 777 /var/tmp/ && sh /var/tmp/

You will be asked to enter your Sub link  (CAN BE OBTAINED IN YOUR CLIENT AREA OR WELCOME EMAIL) EXAMPLE :


To enable EPG data
Please open EPG-Importer plugin..
Select sources and enable the new IPTV source
(will be listed as E2m3u2Bouquet under ‘IPTV Bouquet Maker – E2m3u2bouquet’)

you can change username and password before you past in Putty.

once this done you will see all channels and Categories in order with all your epg showing.




How to add portal URL on MAG device?

After purchasing your IPTV Package you will be shortly receiving a URL link in your email inbox.

On your MAG Device, go to Settings/System setting now”Server and Portal”

Change “Portal URL 1” to the new portal by pressing the “KB” Button & Typing the address

press the “KB” Button again & press ok , portal url is save successfully then you will be rrturned to the previous screen.

Go to “reload portal” & press “OK” when prompted.

You should have all the channels now including Live Sports, Movies, TV Shows


How to use on kodi?

After purchasing your IPTV Package you will be shortly receiving a URL link in your email inbox.

if not check spam folder or try to log into your client area first download our expressiptv kodi addon from here

plugin name (


and install from zip as per this tut

Step 2: If you have not enabled Unknown Sources, you will notified that it is disabled. If you wish to enable select Settings, if you do not wish to enable select OK. If you have already enabled Unknown sources skip to Step 6′.

Step 3: When you select Settings you will be taken to the Add-ons settings window. Enable Unknow sources if you wish to install your add-on or repository from a zip file.

Step 4: After you enable Unknown sources you will be presented with a Warning. Make sure you read and understand this warning, then select Yes if you wish to proceed.

Step 5: If you have selected Yes and enabled Unknown sources you can then navigate back to the Add-on browser and once again select Install from zip file


Step 6: You will now be presented with a browser window where you can navigate to where your zip file is stored. ( Your zip file can be stored anywhere your device has access to and can be either on local storage or a network share

Step 7: Once you have navigated to the zip file you want installed ( , select it then select OK. After your add-on and any dependencies have finished installing you will be able to use it. Note: If you have issues with the add-on installing or after installing it does not work as intended, you will need to contact the Add-on Author.






How to use Express IPTV app for android device?

First you need to downlad and install expressiptv Andriod App

if you are loading via usb you need to download in your pc first and then copy on usb or you can download dricet to your device if you can browse our website once you have install it open App you need to login with your iptv servece detials username and password you get in client area.

How To Add Service To Smart TV &Amazon Fire Stick?

First you need Smart IPTV App Installed In you Smart TV or Amazon Fire Stick once you open the App you get mac address and website address.

then go to

you need to add mac addres with m3u link on this site like showing in image belowe and save it restart your App you will have all channels working.

The Smart IPTV app gives you a few days as a free trial and then asks for a one time fee of around 5 pounds.

We highly recommend that you pay for that as their service is very reliable and will not give you any trouble along the way.

How To Use the serivce on IOS iphone and ipad ?


  • Download and install the App from Google Play Store

  • Open the app

  • Top left is the menu icon. Click it

  • From the menu screen select “Xtream Codes API”

  • Click the “+” button on the top right

  • For the Playlist name put anything you want

  • The server name is:

  • The Username & Password is what you enter in your Free Trial Order.

  • Then click “Add” The new connection should show together with a sample one.

    Click your new connection you have just made

    Now you have the option for “Live” which is the live TV stations

    Or “VOD” which is the Movies and Box SetsTV Archive is the 8 day catch up service for the stations listed.

    Every time you start the App click “Update EPG” to get the latest info.

Now proceed with your order and select “IPTV Streamline Subscription

How To Use the service on PC ?



Sorry but neither of our PC viewing methods have Catch-Up TV

To view the stations on MyIPTV. (We recommend this App)

  • Go to the Windows Store and download the free App called MyIPTV Player.
  • Start MyIPTV
  • Go to SETTINGS and in the remote URL box enter the m3u streaminline url you will be given after you register
  • It will look something like this:
  • If you would like the Programme Guide where it asks for the EPG URL enter a line like this. It is an edited version of your streamline url.    (Notice the word get.php is replaced with xmltv.php)
  • You can now click “Stations” In the dropdown box you can select the “Group” you want to see ie English, Entertainment, Russian etc.
  • Now continue with your order and select IPTV Streamline Subscription.

To view the stations in VLC  (Not recommended)

  • Please start VLC.
  • In the top left hand corner select “MEDIA”
  • Then from the Drop Down list select “OPEN NETWORK STREAM”
  • Now in the box enter the m3u streamline url you will be given after you register. It will look something like this:
  • You can copy and paste it. Then click “PLAY”
  • Now continue with your order and select IPTV Streamline Subscription