Install Android STBEmu for IPTV


Download STB Emulator from Google Play Store on your Android device.

Load the Android STB Emulator app and you will see this screen


Tap the near the top right corner and then click settings – the 4th icon from the right


If you see this screen: Look on your remote for the MENU Button. It usually is a small square with three horizontal lines in it. When you press it a menu will open on the screen. Press the top option SETTINGS. Then carry on below.


Tap Test portal to modify the existing profile or Add profile to start a new one

Tap STB Model

Tap MAG 254 or whichever STB you wish to emulate

Tap Portal settings

Tap Portal URL

Now tap Screen Resolution

I chose 1280×720 you are welcome to choose higher but if it is laggy then reduce it

Scroll down and find MAC address.

This is an important number because it is how we will identify your set top box.

You must change the default MAC address, tap on MAC address.

Set the MAC addres to the one you want to use…

You will have to enter this MAC Address on your Subscription Order

Note: If you get the MAC address not found when trying to activate, try exiting the STB emulator,

remove it and reinstall, when you re-enter the MAC here exit the STB emulator and re-enter.

Now continue with your Order and select MAC Device Subscription.