X-Acceleration Transcoder Pro

Hardware (GPU) based transcoder with Intel QuickSync and Nvidia CUVID/NVENC support

X-Acceleration Transcoder PRO is a ffmpeg based hardware acceleartion product for IPTV live stream transcoding solution. It’s not just a software, it’s a professional solution. compared to the traditional CPU based transcoding server. It can use much lower hardware cost to transcoding much more live stream. and even much lower power consumption.
X-Acceleration Transcoder PRO supports Intel QuickSync and Nvidia CUVID/NVENC so far. we also will supports AMD AMF in the future.


Why it’s a solution?

The traditional transcoding software just sell the software with license. and level many things to the customer. sometimes, you even can not get a professional customer supports.

Now, What we provided? You tell us your requirements, we tell you what’s the best solution for you.

1. What’s the best hardware for you?

If you just started your business, or you want to cloud solution? it’s okay. we recommend you to order the online dedicated server with Intel QuickSync supports. like: E3-1235L@v5E3-1245@v5E3-1275@v5. You can use 100 USD to transcoding 8 HD1080@25 or 16 HD720@25 fps streams immediately. You can also use your own PC to do this. If it has Intel 6th-generation Skylake CPU inside it. which is supports QuickSync too.

If you want to build a data center level transcoding servers. we recommend you using Nvidia NVENC technology. compared to the QuickSync, you can plugin multiple Nvidia GPU card to maximum the server performance. If you want to transcoding SD or HD720 streams. we recommend using GTX 1060 6GB or GTX 1070 8GB. because when you transcoding these SD or HD720 streams, the bottleneck is come from GPU RAM. so more GPU RAM is better in this situation. But if you need to transcoding HD1080 streams, We recommend you using the GTX 1050 4GB or GTX 1060 6GB. now the bottleneck is GPU performance.

2. We setup everything for you.

You only need to do is choose the hardware solution we recommended for you. and order the server or build it by yourself. but before that, we need you install the Linux system on it. normally CentOS 7 is best.

You can give us a temporary ssh login info. we can setup TeamviewerIntel Media SDKNvidia Linux Driver and the XACCEL-CODEC software for you. If you want to install extra software, just let us know that.

3. Tickets + Skype + Teamviewer supports.

You can send us tickets for sale questions, we can answer your any technical questions because you are talk to the developer directly. If you have urgent problem need to solve, please contact us on skype. so we can solve you problem immediately.



After 10 months long term development, XACCEL-CODEC is ready. Let me list the features it supports.

1. H.264 & H.265 supports for NVENC.

2. One-time decoding based multiple bitrate output for arbitrary protocols supports.

3. VideoJS based realtime web H.264 player to watching your stream via browser.

4. Realtime CPU, Memory, Network And GPU monitoring supports.

5. Offline package based upgrade supports.

6. Unlimited the live transcoding streams. It only limited by your hardware.

7. H.264 baseline, main and high profile supports.

8. H.265 main, main10 and rext profile supports.

9. CBR and VBR bitrate control supports.

10. 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 fps frame rate supports.

11. Key frame interval 0~25 supports.

12. CPU and GPU based deinterlance supports.

13. HD1080, HD720, HD480, PAL576 and other output resolution supports.

14. Video overlay watermark supports.

15. Audio mp3 and aac codec supports.

16. HTTP Living Streaming with Adaptive Bitrate Streaming supports.

17. RTMP, RTSP, RTP and UDP output protocol supports.

18. Login password and burst force crack protection.

7. 24 x 7 hours long time stable and uninterruptedly transcoding supports.


Deinterlance support

Audio control

Audio control support